Last week Uncle David brought two kites for the boys that had been left at a park where he works. Oh, the joy of flying a kite! It was a perfectly blustery day and we had a little daylight left after nap time so we hopped over the wall to the park.

Thank you for thinking of the boys, David!

 I love the running boy, the sun flare, and the rotation of the shot (which happened accidently). Unfurling the kites! Ian running to catch up Peter getting the kite in the air for Jerome while giving instructions. Ian stopped to watch the kites and never went any closer. Jerome’s kite went really high! Look at that JOY! learning to go against the wind Seth’s turn with the bigger kite. It stayed in the air easier than the smaller one. He got his kite going pretty well, too. Seth would run every which way not really caring about the direction of the wind. and making airplane noises? :-) Ian wanted to go swing! and he wanted to sit backwards so he could watch the kites! then Seth joined us! my arms got a workout pushing them together. our view from the swings Everyone at the park enjoyed watching the kites fly. Ian decided not to go down the big slide. This one was more his size. He went down it several times squealing as he climbed up the stairs for another slide! I noticed Jerome following directly under the kite… walking in crazy circles, waving, and maybe hoping to catch it? Totally oblivious to anything but that kite. Until I called his name. :-) loved the light on this one, and how you can see the kite string. Time for a roll down the hill! Ian didn’t try it, but he walked with them. I remember trying to roll straight down a hill when I was little and being frustrated that my body always went sideways. (Ofcourse, I can’t float, either. :-) ) Ian tries so hard to communicate without words. And does pretty well, too! One last flight before going home. Almost home, Seth is picking dandylions for Mommy. :-) (Yes, I let him go out in his Power Rangers suit, he thought he was Iron Man.) He looks so small and alone, but in reality, he just had a hard time ending the fun. :-)

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