We knew it would be a difficult hike. About five miles long in some rough terrain, and we were right. It was a beautiful, amazing, and difficult hike (with little ones, for sure) ! We were joined by Ruth (this hike was her wonderful idea!), Darrell, Nick, Alina, and their daughter. The day was overcast but warm, and we all got some sun. We want to go back and actually hike up Point Mugu Peak next time!

 Chumash Trail head After hiking for only a few minutes, the view was already amazing, even with the fog! Darrell up ahead with the older kids who were RUNNING up that steep incline! Taking in the view Ian got to ride all day! See how steep it was? And Raven kept trying to go back and forth from the front of the line to the back. comin’ up goin’ up We made it to the top! summit See that reward! I love this series. Daddy looking back from where we came… Ian’s following Daddy and they look together. You think they’d be beat after that climb, but no, they wanted to explore while we rested! Thank you Ruth for taking them! munchin’ an apple silly boy Seth is being chased by girls already! Of course he doesn’t mind in the least! Nick and Alina ugh. stagnant water where monstrous mosquitos bred, and the dog enjoyed a dip. roots and a dirt wall for climbing? the tree is better climbing! eew. that tank was nasty. scary rusted, jagged metal. Of course I lagged behind snapping photos of flowers. and to wait up for Seth. On to find a picnic spot! Rest! Seth at lunch Ian looking for flowers Hi precious! Jerome gathering sticks of dead mustard plant. a game of throwing sticks :-) On the trail again Seth seemed revived… but held things up a bit. That’s better. :-) in my mind, I could see the ridges and peaks as if there were no clouds at all. the boys left the trail to cut a corner and join Darrell! happy boys :-) Seth was helped immensly by Raven’s tug. beautiful California grassland! Ian woke up very animated after his nap on Daddy’s back. He was pointing and talking and just being cute. He walked this way for a long time. At the top, right before our last descent back to the cars. Thanks for the picture, Ruth! We love you! And you have great ideas for hikes! going down After I caught up with Seth we slid together down the rest of the way to the parking lot. part of the face of Mugu Peak

Peter mapped our hike on USA Track and Field. According to that, it was
almost 6 miles.  He put water marks where we stopped for a snack and lunch:


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