Since the beach was right across the road from the trail head, and we were already there…

 running to the ocean right after our six mile hike. Ah! cool waters for hot feet.  woah.  :-) Seth and Jerome Seth would plop down in the water when a wave washed up. He looks so small and unafraid  Jerome’s…surfing?  I like the feel of this one. the wide angle was good, but I wanted to zoom in to see the boys better, so I went back to get my zoom… and came back to a welcome! Seth had been asking to go to the beach now for weeks! He was so thrilled to be there experiencing the waves and sand he could hardly contain himself! this expression sums it up. While Seth was absorbed in watching and playing… and digging… Jerome was getting buried in sand! Ian tried to help but got sand in poor Jerome’s eyes. Seth enjoying the warm sand oh, so much! Our sweet dog. getting sweet loves. ha! he cracks me up. heading back to the car Ian decides he likes the beach :-) the sand, that is. He’s blowing kisses at me because we were saying goodbye to the beach. It doesn’t get much better than sand with a stick… that is, unless you like to eat it. Last look at the ocean. a beautiful end to a wonderful day!

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