April 21st, 2009

One of Ian’s favorite things to do is blow bubbles! And one of Raven’s favorites things to do is eat bubbles!

Peter took all of these last Sunday while I was in the kitchen. I LOVE them!

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April 21st, 2009

The month began with my flu like sickness and unfortunately everyone else in the house has taken turns since. Peter spent his Spring break taking care of me. He was so sweet staying late in the mornings to let me sleep since that was the hardest time of day for me. He would come home, cook dinner if I hadn’t been able to, feed the boys, clean up, bathe them, and put them to bed every night…before dropping into bed himself. Thank you, Peter, for your sweet service to your family.

Here are some of the random photos from our month so far:

 Letting me sleep in, Peter got the boys their breakfasts. And with the camera out, the funny faces came out too! little brother like big brother silly boys the house exploded every day while I was sick… a happy mess! “cheese!” no, I did not teach my children to say that for a camera. they must have picked it up somewhere…? I like the light on this one. He was trying to fix the paintbrush Ian’s eyes look so green here! popeye face reversed it’s fun to goof off for the camera ?? I think he had one leg in the air for this one running out of silly faces I asked him where his wonderful smile was :-) Jerome got in on the silliness but Ian just wanted to get the camera.  This is breakfast Jerome had prepared for us one early morning. a snapshot Peter caught of Uncle Harold with Jerome, Zachary, Seth, and Brennan…and Uncle David’s smile. There’s Uncle David! Easter Sunday after Richard’s recital. Easter Sunday after Richard’s recital. Tired boy…and he just wanted that camera! This one cracks me up! The bandaid was for an injury aquired the day before Easter, and the busted lip happened during Richard’s recital. Peter had all the boys outside to play so as not to disturb anything, and Seth fell down the outdoor stairs and the sidewalk took a bite out of his lip. An Easter gift from Misty. Peter caught these in the early sunshine. Morning sunflowers Seth called me to see this butterfly on the lantana Tiger Swallowtail butterfly maybe he was trying not to breath on it? He was very excited that it opened it’s winges and brushed his finger. Beautiful spring!

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April 14th, 2009

Peter’s cousin Richard is graduating from USC this Spring and invited all of his family to his senior recital the evening of Easter Sunday. What a great way to get everyone together for a holiday! The church was beautiful and Richard’s music was captivating, fun, and original. His hard work was evident and we’re all very proud of him! I was honored to have the privilege of documenting his recital in photographs, some of which I will post here. I know it was a monumental event in Richard’s life and I hope these capture the essence and atmosphere of his memories.

We love you, Richard! And WELL DONE!

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April 13th, 2009

Mom put together an amazing dinner at Great Grandma’s home with both sides of the family (hers and Dad’s) all together in one room! It was a great reunion and a wonderful mix of delightful (and brilliant) people. Thank you for all your hard work Mom! And thanks to everyone who made an effort to be there, we made wonderful memories.

 Abby and Grandma Guy Darrell, Anna, and Noel Brooke and Mom Becky, Robin, and Darrell Too many candids, I know, but I was having fun with my new lens. sisters-in-law :-) Grandma meeting Eden Rose I love how Rebekah is cuddling with daddy while he’s talking to her namesake. sweet one! beautiful servant hors d’oeuvres I love the shallow depth of field with this lens, but as you can see, I need to learn how to adjust my focal points. The eye closest to the camera should be in focus. newlyweds! Yes, I know I have a camera in front of my face…permanently. :-) Bekah baby cracks me up! all the little boys waiting in line for dinner Aunt Brooke is helping them wait. :-) dinner is blessed and served Yummy! Seth is always up to something! Uncle Garin was so sweet to hold Ian out on the balcony for a long time There were a couple fountains visible from way up there and Ian could have watched them all day! The grounds were gorgeous, I’d love to go back and take more pictures. :-) Abby and Hannah girl cousins! Time for Curious George on the balcony for the boy cousins! Great idea, Scott! hahaha! they were aware of a camera in their faces! brothers! Harold, Carver, David, and their brother-in-law Ken (Dad) goodbye kisses Since she couldn’t come to us this year, I’m so glad we could all meet in LA to spend Easter with Grandma! She makes me laugh! We love you, Grandma! We were on the go most of the day, so we missed getting Easter pictures… when I saw the boganvilla I made the boys stop mid run for a photo this is the only picture of all three of them together! Happy Easter!

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April 5th, 2009

She was here for one week, but she fit a whole month’s worth of activities into her short time here. She drove us to the beach one day, went on a hike with us another, and spent a day packing up her belongings to move back to Georgia. She did tons of other stuff, too, but I couldn’t keep up with her! Gigi, my sweet sister, thank you for coming and spending a week with us! I miss you already and my heart is lonely knowing you won’t be living eight minutes away to pop in for dinner every week. However, I am comforted knowing you are content where God has you right now and so grateful for all He is doing in your life. Thank you for everything. I love you!

 TANK! Tank and Raven I had to put Tank somewhere to sleep while we made the couch into a bed so I put him in Raven’s bed with her… and thankfully neither of them minded! It was great fun having the baby dog here for a week! Hiking in Big Sky with Gigi and the Jones’ The big boys were constantly ahead of the rest of us! Ah! the top! Looking out over a cliff where you can see a rusty old crashed truck at the bottom. Gigi carried Ian the whole hike! Thanks SO much! the little boys, thinking about how close they can get to the edge. ;-/ Gigi took this of Misty and I with our babies and this one of just us. I think it’s our only picture together! and Seth took this one of Gigi and I together! Ian watching Skyler being put in his backpack Back on the trail after a picnic at the top Audrey walking with Gigi and giving her flowers Jerome…waving us on? running up another hill Jerome and Wesley taking in the view and out distancing the rest of us! mustard hedges one more hill and almost to the end. A gorgeous day for a hike! When we got home Seth changed into his Spiderman and enjoyed a visit with Tank. and Gigi got ready for a photoshoot with me! We both put this off for too long! It was so fun photographing you, Gigi! you, too, Tank! You are stunning and beautiful inside and out! I thank God for what He’s doing in your life and for making us SISTERS! May you always know that I love you that you are a precious daughter of God and that you can always make me laugh! <mwah!> we already miss you and your Tankalank! Thanks for the visit!

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