May 24th, 2009

He is a blessing beyond words. Literally. I cannot find words to describe our Ian. He has a unique personality with a slowly growing vocabulary, and quickly growing independence, a strong will and a great big heart. He loves balls, balloons, bubbles, anything that goes, dogs, babies, his brothers, and he adores his daddy! If he’s upset at Mommy he cries for “Ma Daddy!”. 🙂 His word for yes is “Da” and he puts a hard “H” sound at the end of words like “rock” and “truck” and “lock” (his word for shut). I look forward to his vocabulary growing, and I love to hear him try out (and make up) new words!

I think he looks a lot like Jerome at two.

My prayer for him is that as he grows he will see his great need for Jesus, that he would be a blessing to all those in his life, and that his life will count for God’s kingdom. Thank you, Jesus, for entrusting him into our care and blessing us with his life!

Here are party photos with a big thanks to all who could come and celebrate Ian’s birthday with us!

 Goodmorning birthday boy! Sitting for a moment for Mommy looking for airplanes and he’s done taking pictures! Party time! Thank you everyone, for coming! you made our day so special! I love you, Ian Daniel! It took him a while to get used to all the people at our house.Peter took these next few… Brennan Boo! Becca and Noel! Kathy and Eden getting to know each other Thank you for the balloons, Anna! Noel’s Meyer Lemon Cake My first attempt at Donna’s chocolate cake. Yum! Sophia and Brennan are excited about cake time, too! expectation blowing from far away Blowing his candle out there! :-) yay! we love you! He want’s chocolate :-) He also wants to cut his own cake! So Daddy’s helping his two year old… serve his own piece of cake! Ian enjoying a balloon and listening to Mema sing Happy Birthday to him from GA! Ian “showing” Mema his balloon! (If only we could see through phone lines…and touch through Skype!) The concrete pad was a whirlwind of children on wheels! You wouldn’t know it from this photo, but Ian was very happy to see Sienna! Ian really did not want me taking his picture. This is his no! He’s fine with candids so long as he doesn’t have to look at a camera and smile! Sienna with her daddy! Erika and Savannah! Present time! Peter helped Ian open his presents A dragon puppet from Ty! Thank you, Ty! SO fun! He was so excited about his presents! He held it up and said “YAY”! Of all our boys, Ian loves his clothes the most. He even made sure they fit! Thank you Auntie Jane! a gathering of loved ones orange ribbon I love how he leaned back to let Daddy help him precious smile Thank you for the books, Grandma! diggin Yay! A puzzle! Thank you, Turner family! “Ooh!” a tag! SO excited! You can almost hear him yelling “YAY”! (He  had just opened a ball from Sienna)”Ooooh!” Lots of wonderful books from Sienna! Last gift… A tractor! Ian was yelling “Yay! Yay! Yay!” Thank you, Sophia! And thank you to all who came and helped us celebrate Ian’s birthday!

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May 19th, 2009

We are more thoroughly enjoying our Sonlight with every passing week, and are happy as can be to continue through the summer! Speaking of summer…Peter’s out of school! He hardly knows what to do with himself, but we’re keeping him busy. 🙂

You know I love sharing pictures of my boys for my family across the nation. Here’s a little glimpse into our house:

 Seth’s photos Seth’s photos Seth’s photo of Jerome his shoe trusty dump truck beloved loader Seth made his own dress up clothes and had me tape them onto him! the snake Jerome discovered one early morning Ian in a “Tee!” where Daddy put him :-) It’s his new favorite place! especially when… Daddy plays with him! playing in the sandbox in the lovely evening light I was out to take a picture of Jerome jumping, but noticed Seth making faces at me. Hahaha! but he refused to look AND smile for a picture! Jerome’s jump Jerome and Gabrielle playing in their “house” every year the boganvilla seems more spectacular! view through the trees Jerome said he was “nursing” his baby I think maybe he was just snuggling baby…but he sure does love her! and I sure love him!

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May 10th, 2009

This is my treat. To enjoy a wonderful day taking pictures with family and actually post them on my blog the same day!

It was a beautiful day spent with Peter’s family…

 Aunt Mary hosted a Mother’s Day luncheon at Grandma Guy’s place. In the same room where we had Easter dinner with Grandma’s family and Mom’s family. The view of the convent from our luncheon room. Jerome playing with Rebekah Anna playing with Rebekah Ian putting his pacy in Rebekah’s toy? Mom brought some fish books for the boys to study before seeing the aquarium after lunch. visiting with Grandma Grandma, Donna, and Eden :-) Ian was saying “Bird” Thank you for the songs, Anna! Lovely treats! I love this series… She’s always so happy no matter what. Their servant hearts are beautiful. Happy Mother’s Day, Donna! Blessed Mother’s Day, Mary Happy Mother’s Day, Noel! So sweet :-) Mary’s friend John played the piano for us! listening Grandma listening they adore Anna He played his own compositions! Grandma enjoying our private concert. beautiful music! :-) amazing Bravo! I love this moment! Mary with Rebekah Grandma with Mary We walked over to the building where grandma lives to see the aquarium and this was going on as we walked in… and Zachary immediately went and sat in the first row until the show was over! The aquarium was wonderful! Ian tries to say fish “Sssshshshsh” The boys each found their favorite fish. This one was Ian’s favorite It seemed to be a rather responsive fish. (Maybe fish have personalities? ;-)) We also had the privilege of visiting Grandma’s room! That’s her portrait and her wedding party on the wall behind her that Mary so thoughtfully put up. This is where we left her, in the sitting room. We love you, Grandma. Happy Mother’s Day! Scott had the boys playing outside in the fountain! Mom with all her children… and grandchildren. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! And I thank God for giving me the awesome privilege and responsibility of mothering these three boys! Happy Mother’s Day!

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May 9th, 2009

I wanted to write a public note of thanks to my Mama. I am who I am today largely because of my mother’s influence.

When I think of you and who you were to me when I was little, words do not come to mind but feelings and pictures do. Some of my favorite times were when my head was in your lap and you would stroke my hair. (No one can stroke my hair as wonderfully as you do!) Watching you crochet, learning, and finally making art with you. Hearing your songs around the house and from the yard. Your singing is somehow a part of me. The smell of baking biscuits is a part of who you are to me. And your curls, too. Hair braiding was a fun thing for us to learn from you, and now it is a part of who I am. You taught me portraiture and gave me your camera. I’m so grateful for the lovely photos you took of my sisters and I growing up. Now I have a wonderful tool to document my own children and a love for photographing people. Thank you!

These are wonderful memories for me and they are what I think about when I think of you.

Thank you for allowing God to give us life through you, and for fighting for us. Thank you for being the godly wife and mother that we were to emulate. Thank you for the sacrifices, the songs, the training, the photos, and the hair stroking!

Happy Mother’s Day!

I love you!

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May 5th, 2009

was actually on April 29th, but her party was this Sunday!

How we all love you dearly, Mom…each in our own ways. That you understand and love us all back is remarkable.

My most favorite thing about you is your love of learning. You are curious of everything good and will take the time to read and discover and share what you’ve learned! And you don’t stop at things, you are curious of people, too! I remember one of the very first trips I made out here you sat down with paper and pencil to take notes of my favorite foods and to mark if there was anything I disliked. I have loved learning with you! You have touched and impacted my life deeply and I love you so very much. Happy birthday, Mom!

 On Mom’s birthday Noel served an amazing lunch in our yard, and Anna came from work on her break. Happy birthday, Mom! Grandma on her birthday with Rebekah Mom requested a pizza and dance party, so I dressed for the occasion. (When I walked out of our bedroom in this getup Peter said “No wonder Mom loves you.”) :-) Peter put his homework down for a minute and grabbed the camera to capture my idea of a dance outfit. Ian was napping, so here’s my Jerome and Seth! twirling so fun! Mom had a big room, a big family, music, and a chance to teach us a waltz! taking a few steps with Dad! so cute! I love watching them together. :-) Ha! Eric and his broom. :-)Scott is a really good dancer! Even if I had my camera out when he was dancing with Donna, they probably would have just been a blur! Beautiful couple, amazing oneness. Lisa, Abby, and Darrell learning steps. Abby and Eric :-) Darrell and Lisa Anna and Jane! Peter wore his fedora for me :-)??? but he didn’t wear it for long. Unfortunately the hat’s too small for him. but it fits me :-) Aunt Brooke with Eden! Darrell and his girlfriend Lisa! (Thank you for bringing her up to meet ALL of us! She’s delightful!) Daddy and Ian dancing and because Rebekah was happy… and Papa could make her look while Abby made her smile. :-) Anna played wonderful waltzes and fun music all night! Lisa’s picture of Donna’s roses birthday cake! candles! Happy birthday to you, Mom! May the Lord bless your new year… with many more wonderful moments! we love you!

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