We are more thoroughly enjoying our Sonlight with every passing week, and are happy as can be to continue through the summer! Speaking of summer…Peter’s out of school! He hardly knows what to do with himself, but we’re keeping him busy. 🙂

You know I love sharing pictures of my boys for my family across the nation. Here’s a little glimpse into our house:

 Seth’s photos Seth’s photos Seth’s photo of Jerome his shoe trusty dump truck beloved loader Seth made his own dress up clothes and had me tape them onto him! the snake Jerome discovered one early morning Ian in a “Tee!” where Daddy put him :-) It’s his new favorite place! especially when… Daddy plays with him! playing in the sandbox in the lovely evening light I was out to take a picture of Jerome jumping, but noticed Seth making faces at me. Hahaha! but he refused to look AND smile for a picture! Jerome’s jump Jerome and Gabrielle playing in their “house” every year the boganvilla seems more spectacular! view through the trees Jerome said he was “nursing” his baby I think maybe he was just snuggling baby…but he sure does love her! and I sure love him!

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