was actually on April 29th, but her party was this Sunday!

How we all love you dearly, Mom…each in our own ways. That you understand and love us all back is remarkable.

My most favorite thing about you is your love of learning. You are curious of everything good and will take the time to read and discover and share what you’ve learned! And you don’t stop at things, you are curious of people, too! I remember one of the very first trips I made out here you sat down with paper and pencil to take notes of my favorite foods and to mark if there was anything I disliked. I have loved learning with you! You have touched and impacted my life deeply and I love you so very much. Happy birthday, Mom!

 On Mom’s birthday Noel served an amazing lunch in our yard, and Anna came from work on her break. Happy birthday, Mom! Grandma on her birthday with Rebekah Mom requested a pizza and dance party, so I dressed for the occasion. (When I walked out of our bedroom in this getup Peter said “No wonder Mom loves you.”) :-) Peter put his homework down for a minute and grabbed the camera to capture my idea of a dance outfit. Ian was napping, so here’s my Jerome and Seth! twirling so fun! Mom had a big room, a big family, music, and a chance to teach us a waltz! taking a few steps with Dad! so cute! I love watching them together. :-) Ha! Eric and his broom. :-)Scott is a really good dancer! Even if I had my camera out when he was dancing with Donna, they probably would have just been a blur! Beautiful couple, amazing oneness. Lisa, Abby, and Darrell learning steps. Abby and Eric :-) Darrell and Lisa Anna and Jane! Peter wore his fedora for me :-)??? but he didn’t wear it for long. Unfortunately the hat’s too small for him. but it fits me :-) Aunt Brooke with Eden! Darrell and his girlfriend Lisa! (Thank you for bringing her up to meet ALL of us! She’s delightful!) Daddy and Ian dancing and because Rebekah was happy… and Papa could make her look while Abby made her smile. :-) Anna played wonderful waltzes and fun music all night! Lisa’s picture of Donna’s roses birthday cake! candles! Happy birthday to you, Mom! May the Lord bless your new year… with many more wonderful moments! we love you!

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Laura Milner Says:

I love your dancing clothes! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Hugs!

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