This is my treat. To enjoy a wonderful day taking pictures with family and actually post them on my blog the same day!

It was a beautiful day spent with Peter’s family…

 Aunt Mary hosted a Mother’s Day luncheon at Grandma Guy’s place. In the same room where we had Easter dinner with Grandma’s family and Mom’s family. The view of the convent from our luncheon room. Jerome playing with Rebekah Anna playing with Rebekah Ian putting his pacy in Rebekah’s toy? Mom brought some fish books for the boys to study before seeing the aquarium after lunch. visiting with Grandma Grandma, Donna, and Eden :-) Ian was saying “Bird” Thank you for the songs, Anna! Lovely treats! I love this series… She’s always so happy no matter what. Their servant hearts are beautiful. Happy Mother’s Day, Donna! Blessed Mother’s Day, Mary Happy Mother’s Day, Noel! So sweet :-) Mary’s friend John played the piano for us! listening Grandma listening they adore Anna He played his own compositions! Grandma enjoying our private concert. beautiful music! :-) amazing Bravo! I love this moment! Mary with Rebekah Grandma with Mary We walked over to the building where grandma lives to see the aquarium and this was going on as we walked in… and Zachary immediately went and sat in the first row until the show was over! The aquarium was wonderful! Ian tries to say fish “Sssshshshsh” The boys each found their favorite fish. This one was Ian’s favorite It seemed to be a rather responsive fish. (Maybe fish have personalities? ;-)) We also had the privilege of visiting Grandma’s room! That’s her portrait and her wedding party on the wall behind her that Mary so thoughtfully put up. This is where we left her, in the sitting room. We love you, Grandma. Happy Mother’s Day! Scott had the boys playing outside in the fountain! Mom with all her children… and grandchildren. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! And I thank God for giving me the awesome privilege and responsibility of mothering these three boys! Happy Mother’s Day!

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2 Responses to “Mother’s Day 2009”

Peter Davis Says:

Thanks for making me miss you all incredibly!! Your family is so amazing…taking the party to Grandma is such an incredible blessing for her, I’m sure! But did I see Ken in any of these pictures??

Veronique Says:

Pete, you know Dad. 🙂

And boy do we miss having you guys with our family! Your girls would have LOVED those fish and old ladies!
I’m still praying with you on your move. May the Lord’s will for your family be crystal clear to you, and joy to follow!

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