It’s hard to believe he’s four…he seems older than he really is. 🙂 Zachary is a very inquisitive little guy who wants to know about everything and can ask because he’s very articulate. My Seth loves to play with him which is a good thing because they’re cousins, only about seven months apart and great buddies.

He had a birthday the beginning of this month and his parents planned a wonderful day at the tidepools for all his little friends. The Lord blessed us with a beautiful day at the beach when it was cold and cloudy at home. We all enjoyed it so much and only left when the tide started rising and we became hungry for dinner.

Zachary, we love you! Happy Birthday little guy!

 Papa came to the beach! exploring! I love how cliffy it looks the closest gull decided Peter was too close the other didn’t seem to care. Jerome made his way up no problem. (We think he’s part mountain goat.) Aunt Abby helped Seth climb up. I love all the blue! Thanks Abby for the photo! back down to the beach We loved watching Seth enjoy the beach! He seemed delighted and thrilled and fascinated by it all. The birthday boy arrived! Papa with happy baby Eden! Ian enjoying a bucket of water… and going back for more with Daddy. tidepools! Scott showing Brennan a starfish A purple starfish! Mom found a hermit crab! Seth got a turn to hold it and dropped it when it came out to pinch him. A headland down from that little cliff we climbed earlier. This is Abby. and Anna took Jerome out. He’s the little one to the right. Auntie Jane had Bekah exploring from the backpack. Grandma and Seth exploring together. Jane and Seth discovering Ian trying to keep his balance on the rocks. Jerome came back to tell us all about his adventure and took on the little rocks Jerome looking at the purple seastar and a sea anemone! Jane showed him how to poke it, Jerome said it felt like it sucked on his finger! Seth wrote an S with a seaweed in the sand and watched a wave come up and erase it. Daddy and Ian in the tidepools Ian looked so little at the beach. I love the blues and yellow! the birthday boy taking a break from digging. Hello Mr. Sand Crab! the two four year olds Uh oh, you never know what Seth is up to! cousins Ian’s very own tide pool Thank you, Daddy! Donna’s party with baby Eden in the shade Abby, Rebekah, and Stephanie :-) the boys exploring futher on. I like the mimicked balance posture of the surfer beyond him. He had not fallen, he deliberately sat like that. Seth watching the surfers. and enjoying a last wave before heading home. Point Mugu I recognized that hill…we’ve climbed it earlier this year! I have thouroughly enjoyed the clouds! They call it June Gloom in SoCal, but I love it! I loved how the setting sun was catching these tarps. It was a spectacular and wonderful day! Thank you Jesus!

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