It seems that as Seth gets older the things he says are just as original and astonishing as ever, his perspective is still unique, but they are making more sense. 🙂

I overheard Seth say to Audrey when they were playing wedding and he was the Power Ranger groom: “I’m the flash that runs through the wedding!” (As his photographer mommy knows…it feels exactly like that sometimes!)

One day the poor boy had a headache and he told me: “Mommy, my head feels squeezed.”

Seth was suddenly very upset at the lunch table one day and he told me through his tears: “Mommy, there’s dog sweat on my cup!” …his cold drink had created condensation on the outside of his cup and he was instantly happy when I wiped it off.

Dear Aunt Brooke comes every week to teach the boys a science lesson and as she was leaving one day Seth sat down on the log to wait until she drove away. He wasn’t waving so I asked him what he was doing and he said, “I want to hear what her car says.”


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GiGi Says:

HAHAHAHA I think this boy will forever make me laugh!!! Thank you for sharing!

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