We all went back to my favorite river spot before we left to drive back home. Peter, the boys and I left a few days early because I had a wedding that weekend! Seth, Jerome, and Anna on a rock in a faster part of the river. Seth enjoying an apple on a rock in the river. Peter took Ian way out, which made me nervous, but Ian had a blast hanging with Daddy! it became a popular rock the beach crew Bough enjoying the shallows! Rebekah napping! I had to document it. Peter and Jerome back on land and climbing a tree. The big boys got started on a game of King of the Mountain. Here’s a victorious David, and Byron losing graciously. The little boys were fascinated! David ruled by a long shot :-) a leisurely last lunch at the campsite and a last run around before piling in the car and falling asleep on a long drive home. We stopped by Hume Lake on the other side of the mountain. It was a wonderful first camping experience! We will definitely do it again!

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