It’s hard for me to believe that second grade, new front teeth, swimming, and his seventh year have all come to our first son already! He is loving his Saxon math 2 and is reading books to me at night now. Jerome is very creative and loves to build things out of anything we let him have around the house and delights in crafty stuff. I often find him in the tree tops or hanging from branches. He’s a wonderful big brother and lets his little brothers tag along and play with him. This summer he lost his daily friend and playmate to a move, so on his birthday we had a little swim party just for them.

 Ian hangin’ on Daddy in the pool! Jerome’s first time down the slide! It’s all down slide from here splash! He did it! Wesley’s showin’ him how it’s done. splash and feet! Jerome’s turn again Raven’s never far from the boys She loves the pool but gets too close sometimes. Seth and Audrey are buddies I love this series! Ready to hit water… Just a tad under water and up again! Gabrielle TaDa! Jerome going down without the aid of a floatation device! and Daddy was right there to catch him. group slide Jerome broke away first, which was probably a good thing. Wesley and Jerome :-) coming up in opposite directions our birthday boy! another go at the group slide with Gabrielle in the lead I love splash pictures :-) Seth! pool party Ian’s favorite pool activity if only that hair wouldn’t drip into his eyes! Now that they’ve conquered the slide they tackle Tim He throws Jerome next goes Wesley! I love Ian’s laugh! Wesley’s up and away! Ian will ask you to throw him by pointing up with a smile :-) There goes Jerome again Here’s a series of Ian’s jump into Daddy’s arms. Get set… jump! Splash! He loves to go under the water! and he comes up smiling and twisting to flop around in the water. Best buds play time putting together new toys! Later we had a pizza party at Papa’s house with the family! Jerome got to sit next to Darrell and play :-) Seth in a party hat Jerome in his party hat. (Yes, those are bug bites from our camping trip) Vincenzo’s Pizza! on the phone with Aunt Vanessa! presents BEFORE cake! we got him a digital counting jar to help him keep track of his earnings. baby brother likes to take the wrappings to the trash. What is it?!? Star Wars Legos! (which, after they were first meticulously built according to the instructions, have now become many, many other creative things!) Thank you, Eric, and Aunt Brooke, and Darrell, and Uncle Garin! for our budding geologist Happy birthday, son! I love your cheesy grin! He decorated his cake himself! with his playmobile pirates :-) baby brother putting coins in the counting jar while Darrell starts building with him and Seth plays with his new Bumblebee Thanks for making it a party, Jane, Anna, and Mom! Happy birthday, big boy! We love you so much and pray God’s blessing on your life!

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