It was our first official day in our new house, and Peter’s cousins invited us to a big summer get together in Orange County! We were so thrilled that they went to the expense and effort to hold such a large event, and that we got to see the family somewhere besides a wedding.

 Ian wading in the shallows of the lagoon. the island in the middle of the lagoon with Seth and Jerome on top of it with one of their second cousins! There was a lifegaurd on duty! and slides down the other side of the island! That’s Peter and Ian going down. A better view of the slides. There’s Peter going down with Ian again, and Scott with his boys. the boys had so much fun! and there’s Zachary about to slide down! Donna, Jane, and Eden Jerome surfaces! Brennan :-) Jane! Did Abby take this on my camera? cause I didn’t have it :-) beautiful mama! Abby :-) Seth and Ian enjoying the water! Someone took this lovely picture of Jane and one with Bekah! Darrell, Jeanie (she and her sister hosted this amazing event!), and I. I think this is our first picture together ever. Jeannie is a beautiful part of our family! after a delicious meal, more swimming, and a pinata, there was a bonfire! and s’mores! It was a wonderful party and such a good time with family! Thank you so much, Jeannie and Laurie for all your effort and consideration!

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3 Responses to “Lagoon Party ~ August 1, 2009”

GiGi Says:

I L.O.V.E. it when someone gets ahold of your camera, darling, because I LOVE seeing pictures of you! This looks like a phenomenal day and I’m so glad you got to spend it all together. Your family is beautiful! I love you

Katy Says:

I second what your sister said 🙂

Also, the last picture is priceless…

jane Says:

Veronique – I think you loaned me your camera to wade into the lagoon and take some pictures of the boys, so I took the opportunity to take that one of you and Donna. 🙂 i think Scott and Donna took some of me… which are embarrassingly many! it was such a fun evening!

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