We borrowed Tim and Misty’s industrial wagon and moved into their old rental house…right through the orchard. It took me a week with the boy’s help during the day with the loading and unloading, and David’s truck for the heavy stuff. I didn’t know where to begin. I didn’t know we had so much stuff! Anna came over and moved all of our stuff in the shed to the garage. Misty came and moved my kitchen and china, Tim painted our bedroom, and Noel helped move the bedroom. Peter would come home at night and ask what he could do and there was always too much. But since we were just moving from house to house on the same property and since our landlords are kindhearted, there was no move-by date. We could sleep in the house after the water heater was replaced and the new flooring was down. Once all our stuff was in the house, I felt like we had plenty of breathing and growing room! The square footage of this house is only a couple hundred more, but oh, does it feel roomy! (And it’s a real house. :-))

It was strange to move into Misty’s house. I know in my head it is just a rental, but this has been her home since I’ve known her. They lived here 12 happy years! And now they have an amazingly beautiful new home just a mile down the road. But that mile feels oh, so long after just a skip through the orchard. The children grew up playing (or asking to play) almost every day and it’s been a difficult adjustment for them not being neighbors. I’ve had my share of tears over it as well. Misty and I would often quote to each other “Better a friend who is near than a brother far away” and we became like sisters. I cannot fully put down in words all she is to me. We would rejoice at How only God knew how beautifully we could live so closely, because if we had just run in regular circles our hearts would not have been brought so close. Misty, I miss you more than I can say. Thank you for a wonderful six years of being neighbors, for all the lessons you’ve taught me about marriage, and children, and God. I love you! And I love your old house!

 The boys stacked up on our empty bookshelves! Our fist meal in the new house. Thanks for all your help, and for dinner, Noel and David! it was an adventure, for sure! Cookies and milk on linoleum! Self portrait after a long day moving. I love how Jerome thought it was so funny to sneak in the shot. :-) Peter rigging the telephone line. yogurt and blueberries in the bath! This is the first time they’ve had a bathtub and they are loving it! So am I! For the first couple days we lived here the boys ran in circles constantly. I think they really enjoy have the space to play in. Peter bought me a china hutch (and David hauled it over). It reminds me of my Memama. I now have her picture in it with her cousin Veronique and a glass creamer they played with as little girls in Atlanta. Peter also got me a burlwood coffee table! I’ve wanted one since I was a little girl, but I never thought I would have one. :-) This is why I wanted one…they’re fun to play in and under! And they’re beautiful :-) Jerome took these photos of Seth and his treasures removed from a “cave” under the table! The bookshelves were still empty, but that’s our living room. our dining room. Thanks for the flowers, Noel! The table is being loaned us from our landlord for while we live here. It was his mother’s and he has childhood memories of playing under it. :-) Ian helping me cook. Misty left her kitchen decor for me. Growing up, I always wanted a fruit kitchen! I’ll skip ahead in time a bit and show you my wingback chairs. They make the room! I LOVE them! And here’s our little family in front of our new home. It’s not our house, but it is our home where Love will reign.

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2 Responses to “Our Move ~ July ~ August 2009”

GiGi Says:

Even with everything going on, you documented this so very well! You were so busy and yet so gracious to all of us who stayed with you in your new home. I really enjoyed being there with you all. You and your family are medicine to my soul. xo xo xo

Peter Davis Says:

Hi Veronique! It’s me, Sarah….finally getting a chance to look at your blog after too long! I love your new home, and I know you must as well! What a blessing for your sweet family. And what a beautiful china hutch 🙂 Do you love your new kitchen? I miss your sweet face, but it’s so great to catch up via your blog 🙂


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