It just so happened that Pete had a wedding booked in Los Angeles the day after my Santa Barbara wedding. It happened to be perfect timing for him to be here to second shoot for me, and it also turned out to be very convenient timing for an anniversary trip for Pete and Sarah’s eighth year married! They spent a refreshing, memorable and providential weekend in California. They shared their time with us, catching up, making memories, and enjoying being together.

On Sunday we walked down memory lane and through their old town Culver City on a double date/photo shoot and had a blast! Definitely something we’ll do again someday!

 Sarah and I I love jumping photos! and arches :-) and Sarah! our turn in the arch  da vinci kisses under palms under exposed sun flare just makes the photo. Sarah grabbed this one on  my camera! They can work it even if it ain’t real! I love to watch them together they are centered on Christ and real and so fun to hang out with! Hahaha! See?  adorable great wall, great light… and great friends! Love you guys so much! our turn again :-) Sarah workin’ it! laughter Pete with his D90! Sarah’s capture on my camera A great ending to a wonderful day. But it felt like you weren’t really leaving. Isn’t that the beauty of true friendship? <hugs>

Pete, I think we still need to trade discs? Lemme know!

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