October 29th, 2009

I’m not sure I have words to describe it. Just being together was incredible. And being together meant six cousins running around ages seven, six, five, four, almost three, and two…and a lot of work! Anything less than three weeks would have been too rushed. As it was the time went by in a flash, and yet it really was a concentrated visit packing three years worth of being together into three weeks. Heavenly.

Vann and Vanessa, thank you for the sacrifice of your time, your blessings to us in your God given and acquired skills, and for sharing your vision while you were with us in our new home. I love you all more than I can say. Thank you.

 First lunch together! Two year olds :-) the boys and their laptops Vann and the children served by washing the car and had fun too! He really had to scrub the sycamore gunk off. Thanks Vann! Ethan and Seth playing blocks Jerome posed for the camera :-) Corynn fun light, fun swing Clara waiting for her turn on the swing big brother offered to give her his turn and push her. :-) When we all wanted to go somewhere together this is what the back of my van looked like, and Jerome rode in Peter’s car with two other adults. Chuck E Cheese! Ethan on the carousel. Clara on the carousel  No hands on the carousel! air hockey? Seth “trying to go up side to side…but how do you do that thing?”  pedaling and flying Seth’s turn pedaling the “helicopter” Ian loved it, but we had to pedal for him. Jerome and Ian enjoying a virtual roller coaster… as far as I’m concerned, virtual is all they’ll experience in their childhood. :-) I don’t think Seth understood this game. :-) Seth! cupcakes with the Turners! Happy birthday, Gabe! Thanks for inviting us! a full table of cousins! The adults ate on the floor on the coffee table. :-) Clara’s first braids! Ian and Clara. I love their eyes! no comment yes, she was happy. :-) a fun evening at the Partridge home! I’m so glad they got to spend time together!

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October 19th, 2009

They didn’t fit in my other posts.


 Me, about to photograph my June bride, Tiffany, getting ready for her wedding! Peter testing the angle/light from the stairs…I wish he had shot from there as the bride emerged from the suite, it’s a cool shot. haha! I couldn’t resist. A flash test. Sorry, Pete, but I love it! Your flash lighting was the best I’ve worked with ever! Culver City. waiting to meet up with Pete and Sarah I changed my clothes after our photo shoot. We were walking to dinner and Peter had the camera. My Peter, that is. :-) My “lighting test” before a client came for a headshot. Don’t we have lovely terminology in photography? :-/ Ian absolutely adores his daddy! They have a beautiful bond. Our two year old! Ian and his little buddy Courtney at our old house during a play date. :-) My lighting test on the boys at Mandalay Bay Beach.Aunt Brooke was so gracious to drive us to the beach and play with the boys while I shot a wedding! Thank you Aunt Brooke! Jerome and Wesley hanging out. Jerome and Abby on her birthday As we pulled onto our property coming home from church Peter spotted this racer snake and jumped out of the car to catch it. He said it’s a good snake and wanted to keep it on the property.. after the boys got a good look at it, that is. we hope we didn’t scare it off! Boy cousins and icecream! I wonder what Seth was saying? Jerome chose to sit at the big table and enjoy his cone by himself! Miss Rochelle visiting with the boys :-) Caroline and Anna! Skyler and Ian hangin’ out and eating popcorn on their new front porch! I wanted a pic of both of them looking with their blue eyes, but I caught them chewing, too. :-) Skyler-man! I miss hugging him every day. Rebekah spent many days at our house playing with the boys this summer. I’m glad she enjoyed the mud, too! We sure love having you live so close now, Bekah!

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October 16th, 2009

Anna knew the Ventura County Fair was offering $1 admissions on a Wednesday the first week in August and she offered to drive the boys and I to the fair. We had never been to the county fair before and it was a memorable experience! Abby went with us, paid our admission, and helped with the boys. We had so much fun! But it would have required a week of spending every day at the fair to discover everything there. Here are a few pictures I took of our day:

 Jerome was chosen as a volunteer for the wildlife show! Here he’s being asked to name a nocturnal creature. They played a Jeopardy-like tune while they gave him time to think. I love how he tries to swallow his smiles! He was given a prize for answering an owl. Here he was asked how many feathers does a Whistling Swan have. The crowd went wild trying to get him to see the answer waving behind the handler, but I think his hat blocked his view. He answered “A lot?” :-) He was given a second prize! Way to go Jerome! There were tables filled with handmade wooden toys (and Purell on each one) available to be played with! the acrobat spun around when Jerome squeezed the bars together! Seth making presidents fight? This is where Ian happily spent most of his afternoon…with kettle corn in his hat. :-) Jerome could make those fingers “tap” by pressing levers on the other side! a toy ferris (Seth calls it a ferrist) wheel! Anna had as much fun as the boys did playing with the wooden toys! Ian finally disovered there was fun to be had, so he played with a wooden turtle for a little bit, then went back to his popcorn. Abby took Jerome over to see the kaleidoscope exhibit. They were made by students! These were on bendy stuff to look all around, and that table filled with colorful thing spun around! Jerome wearing his prizes!He was chewing…I just liked the light :-) Seth lovin’ on Abby We had time for one ride, and Abby said she could take the boys on the one they chose. They’re at the very tippy top climbing into their carpets. Down they come! Jerome went with Abby and was only a little scared of the height and speed, and Seth went by himself and loved it! Thank you Abby! Officer Seth Officer Jerome Officer Abby Discovering a Sheriff’s car on display Inside the Sheriff’s car! Hopefully they will never be in the backseat for real! Sheriff Abby :-) Girls, that was a super fun day, and something we wouldn’t have done without you! Thank you Anna and Abby for taking us to the fair!

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October 2nd, 2009

 Abby came over on her birthday for portraits! I had a blast shooting with you! You have the most adorable expressions. and you’re down right funny! Look where she’s willing to sit for my picture! I love it, Abby! You had me in stitches our whole shoot! Abby can strike a pose! or invent one! You’re adorable, Abby I admire the way you’re using what talents God’s given you for His glory and to help others. I know the journey is long to reach your dreams but I know you’ll have fun along the way! I love you heaps and bunches and tons Happy Birthday, Abby!

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