They didn’t fit in my other posts.


 Me, about to photograph my June bride, Tiffany, getting ready for her wedding! Peter testing the angle/light from the stairs…I wish he had shot from there as the bride emerged from the suite, it’s a cool shot. haha! I couldn’t resist. A flash test. Sorry, Pete, but I love it! Your flash lighting was the best I’ve worked with ever! Culver City. waiting to meet up with Pete and Sarah I changed my clothes after our photo shoot. We were walking to dinner and Peter had the camera. My Peter, that is. :-) My “lighting test” before a client came for a headshot. Don’t we have lovely terminology in photography? :-/ Ian absolutely adores his daddy! They have a beautiful bond. Our two year old! Ian and his little buddy Courtney at our old house during a play date. :-) My lighting test on the boys at Mandalay Bay Beach.Aunt Brooke was so gracious to drive us to the beach and play with the boys while I shot a wedding! Thank you Aunt Brooke! Jerome and Wesley hanging out. Jerome and Abby on her birthday As we pulled onto our property coming home from church Peter spotted this racer snake and jumped out of the car to catch it. He said it’s a good snake and wanted to keep it on the property.. after the boys got a good look at it, that is. we hope we didn’t scare it off! Boy cousins and icecream! I wonder what Seth was saying? Jerome chose to sit at the big table and enjoy his cone by himself! Miss Rochelle visiting with the boys :-) Caroline and Anna! Skyler and Ian hangin’ out and eating popcorn on their new front porch! I wanted a pic of both of them looking with their blue eyes, but I caught them chewing, too. :-) Skyler-man! I miss hugging him every day. Rebekah spent many days at our house playing with the boys this summer. I’m glad she enjoyed the mud, too! We sure love having you live so close now, Bekah!

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GiGi Says:

I LOVE it when other people get a hold of your camera and I get to see pictures of you!!! You’re stunningly beautiful and I love you so very dearly!!! The pictures of you in orange, at the top of the post……….. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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