I’m not sure I have words to describe it. Just being together was incredible. And being together meant six cousins running around ages seven, six, five, four, almost three, and two…and a lot of work! Anything less than three weeks would have been too rushed. As it was the time went by in a flash, and yet it really was a concentrated visit packing three years worth of being together into three weeks. Heavenly.

Vann and Vanessa, thank you for the sacrifice of your time, your blessings to us in your God given and acquired skills, and for sharing your vision while you were with us in our new home. I love you all more than I can say. Thank you.

 First lunch together! Two year olds :-) the boys and their laptops Vann and the children served by washing the car and had fun too! He really had to scrub the sycamore gunk off. Thanks Vann! Ethan and Seth playing blocks Jerome posed for the camera :-) Corynn fun light, fun swing Clara waiting for her turn on the swing big brother offered to give her his turn and push her. :-) When we all wanted to go somewhere together this is what the back of my van looked like, and Jerome rode in Peter’s car with two other adults. Chuck E Cheese! Ethan on the carousel. Clara on the carousel  No hands on the carousel! air hockey? Seth “trying to go up side to side…but how do you do that thing?”  pedaling and flying Seth’s turn pedaling the “helicopter” Ian loved it, but we had to pedal for him. Jerome and Ian enjoying a virtual roller coaster… as far as I’m concerned, virtual is all they’ll experience in their childhood. :-) I don’t think Seth understood this game. :-) Seth! cupcakes with the Turners! Happy birthday, Gabe! Thanks for inviting us! a full table of cousins! The adults ate on the floor on the coffee table. :-) Clara’s first braids! Ian and Clara. I love their eyes! no comment yes, she was happy. :-) a fun evening at the Partridge home! I’m so glad they got to spend time together!

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3 Responses to “Three Weeks With my Twin ~ Part One”

GiGi Says:

I am soooo happy that you posted these!!! I couldn’t have been more thrilled that you all got this much time together! There’s nothing like needing family time! I love the pictures of all the kids together, it’s so obvious how much fun they all have together! Great job capturing it!! I love you!

Donna Thomas Phillips Says:


A friend, who also went to ONCA, sent all of her FB ONCA friends a link to your blog. It actually was a direct link to your November 5, 2007 entry.

I was so pleased to see it. My husband and I both attended ONCA and had “Mr. Nic” for history classes. I really enjoyed viewing the pictures of him. Your parents wedding picture is how we all remember him. We also remember you and your twin as two of the most adorable chidren. We always got excited when your mom would bring you in to see your dad.

All of us young girls thought he was so handsome, and the guys all thought your mom to be so beautiful. It helped that they were also beautiful in the inside. He was a kind, fun man. We enjoyed learning from him.

I myself lost my own father last year to Lou Gehrig’s disease and know how difficult it is to see someone so strong and viable become hindered physically. Hugs to you and your family as you celebrate his life on his birthdate.

Robby and Donna Phillips

Vanessa Says:

Thank you so very much Veronique! These pictures are so awesome – We LOVED, LOVED, LOVED being there with you! Love you bunches!

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