Anna knew the Ventura County Fair was offering $1 admissions on a Wednesday the first week in August and she offered to drive the boys and I to the fair. We had never been to the county fair before and it was a memorable experience! Abby went with us, paid our admission, and helped with the boys. We had so much fun! But it would have required a week of spending every day at the fair to discover everything there. Here are a few pictures I took of our day:

 Jerome was chosen as a volunteer for the wildlife show! Here he’s being asked to name a nocturnal creature. They played a Jeopardy-like tune while they gave him time to think. I love how he tries to swallow his smiles! He was given a prize for answering an owl. Here he was asked how many feathers does a Whistling Swan have. The crowd went wild trying to get him to see the answer waving behind the handler, but I think his hat blocked his view. He answered “A lot?” :-) He was given a second prize! Way to go Jerome! There were tables filled with handmade wooden toys (and Purell on each one) available to be played with! the acrobat spun around when Jerome squeezed the bars together! Seth making presidents fight? This is where Ian happily spent most of his afternoon…with kettle corn in his hat. :-) Jerome could make those fingers “tap” by pressing levers on the other side! a toy ferris (Seth calls it a ferrist) wheel! Anna had as much fun as the boys did playing with the wooden toys! Ian finally disovered there was fun to be had, so he played with a wooden turtle for a little bit, then went back to his popcorn. Abby took Jerome over to see the kaleidoscope exhibit. They were made by students! These were on bendy stuff to look all around, and that table filled with colorful thing spun around! Jerome wearing his prizes!He was chewing…I just liked the light :-) Seth lovin’ on Abby We had time for one ride, and Abby said she could take the boys on the one they chose. They’re at the very tippy top climbing into their carpets. Down they come! Jerome went with Abby and was only a little scared of the height and speed, and Seth went by himself and loved it! Thank you Abby! Officer Seth Officer Jerome Officer Abby Discovering a Sheriff’s car on display Inside the Sheriff’s car! Hopefully they will never be in the backseat for real! Sheriff Abby :-) Girls, that was a super fun day, and something we wouldn’t have done without you! Thank you Anna and Abby for taking us to the fair!

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