Wait! August isn’t done until Bekah’s birthday is celebrated!

The Partridges hosted a beautiful party for Rebekah at their home…

 Daddy helping set up for the party.     first year collage  Happy birthday, Rebekah! and congratulations to her mommy! party favors! and watermelon! and a pool party! guests :-) Eden, six months, and Rebekah one year. first guy girl cousins! :-) adorable enjoying the water and playing with daddy Ian loves and can say “Bekah”! part of the Partridges beautiful patio birthday bouquet Aunt Abby’s leap and splash! David showin’ the boys how to flip Jerome gives it a shot then it’s Seth’s turn shortly hereafter Seth bit into his knee and jammed his front teeth. He slept through the rest of the party while I held him, so Peter finished taking pictures for Bekah. Happy birthday to you, Bekah! first birthday cake yummy! all done :-) Eden enjoying Bekah’s gifts! time for presents!   We love you, darling Bekah! Happy first birthday!

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2 Responses to “Rebekah’s First Birthday”

Cathy Williams Says:

Darling pictures of a fun event! How can she be one already? We’ve all just looked the pictures over and wonder with great question….what launched Abby into the air for that amazing spalsh?? 🙂

Veronique Says:

Cathy, I should have said something, I suppose, but Abby asked permission of Mr. Partridge to jump off of a surrounding wall into the pool! 🙂

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