with the Brocks, Mema, Gigi, and Brett!

 The very back seat… the driver and first bench and the middle bench…of a rented 11 passenger van! gumballs after fish tacos! Brett and Gigi Seth and Ian found little chairs just their size at the Indian bazaar :-) waiting patiently in World Plus they look like siblings :-) a wall of cousins thanks for the sunglasses, Mema! Brett really does have Ian in a safe grip… and Ian has Brett! Cynthia joined us for the afternoon walking around Santa Barbara! thanks for the photo, Cynthia! since I love that wall, and these people :-) street crossing…it was an adventure just to stay together! time for icecream! and this is what the sugar did to Jerome…he did this many times! snakes! the boys said they were heavy! Ethan with his snake Seth with a snake Jerome with a snake the balloon man was right down the street from the snake man. Clarebear with her balloon on the way to the beach! Ian and Tank with Mema Ian LOVES Tank! They’re just the right size for each other :-) is there a happier place? beach boys Mema enjoying the beautiful Santa Barbara afternoon at the beach. Ian and I Peter and Vann getting out the kite Mema and Vanessa…documenting the SB beach there’s the Civic Arts and the Marmonte where I shot Matt and Tiffany’s wedding! I love the light and the colors and the boys! launching and it’s up! with very little wind and a lot of work. while we were all watching the kite’s flight… Seth found a friend. He put his face a little too close to this cormorant and got a scratched forhead for a greeting! I didn’t see it happen, but there were lots of people gathered to watch this beautiful bird and when they learned that Seth is my son, they shared the incident. Seth wasn’t phased in the least and the cormorant went back to sea. Clara needed daddy’s help to see where the bird went. I love this shot of Ethan enjoying the beach! Clara enjoying the sand! :-) Ian and Clara Vanessa bringing the kids and some treasures back from scavenging :-) Jerome making his way back to the car :-) Santa Barbara harbor the end of a wonderful, beautiful, memorable day!

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One Response to “Santa Barbara…”

Peter Davis Says:

Veronique, thanks for sharing! Makes me miss SB and the guy family. I love the snake shots though I really wanted to see one of you with a snake wrapped around your shoulders!

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