Miscellaneous photos from our last week together:

 Mom and Dad’s pool was a wonderful respite from the heat…even for Raven. the deep end. Brett stayed an extra day with us, it was so nice to visit with him! My beautiful Gigi Seth! with Barlow cousins! Peter climbed up on Mom and Dad’s roof to snap this photo of the smoke cloud. Vann and Vanessa were able to give a presentation at our church the last Sunday they were here. Vanessa had the children stand up and sing “My God is So Great!” and Jerome wanted to join them! Vann built these for the boys toy storage in their room! He studied the ones that I wanted from Ikea, took me there to purchase the buckets, sat down with a pen and paper for a while and whipped this out in a day! It has been such a great solution for the boys! This was a free standing old sink in the laundry room. Vann found a scrap of countertop, shoved the washing machine against the wall, mounted the drinking water, and built this very useful counter! Vanessa is varnishing the desk Vann built for my office. It’s beautiful and it fits perfectly in this tiny room! How very grateful I am for all Vann’s hard work and blessing us so much during their stay! This is part of their house warming/anniversary gift for us…it holds many sweet memories. facepainting! fierce. sweet Clara cleaned up and sitting on a cart? ClaraIan

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