On the last Sunday before CSUN began Fall 2009 classes we packed a picnic lunch, loaded up in two cars and headed to the beach. Any beach. It turned out to be the Ventura Harbor beach!

 As soon as we got there Ethan and Seth were running in the waves! Ian enjoyed the sand at a safe distance from the waves. I loved watching all six children together! They took their food down to the waves. Seth posing with his food Ian saying “cheese!” and then asked to “see?” :-) hazy sailboat sparkley grey This is one mistake of focus that I love! Jerome and Corynn at the beach. Ian at the beach Clara at the beach Peter with five of them Ian would only venture that close to the water because his daddy was there. blue! beach babes ;-) the guys silhouettes silhouettes Seth returning wave Ethan in our livingroom with Seth Jerome at the top of Papa’s avocado tree! Corynn’s a monkey, too! They climbed as high as they could and they got safely down without assistance or injury. :-)

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