May 19th, 2009

We are more thoroughly enjoying our Sonlight with every passing week, and are happy as can be to continue through the summer! Speaking of summer…Peter’s out of school! He hardly knows what to do with himself, but we’re keeping him busy. 🙂

You know I love sharing pictures of my boys for my family across the nation. Here’s a little glimpse into our house:

 Seth’s photos Seth’s photos Seth’s photo of Jerome his shoe trusty dump truck beloved loader Seth made his own dress up clothes and had me tape them onto him! the snake Jerome discovered one early morning Ian in a “Tee!” where Daddy put him :-) It’s his new favorite place! especially when… Daddy plays with him! playing in the sandbox in the lovely evening light I was out to take a picture of Jerome jumping, but noticed Seth making faces at me. Hahaha! but he refused to look AND smile for a picture! Jerome’s jump Jerome and Gabrielle playing in their “house” every year the boganvilla seems more spectacular! view through the trees Jerome said he was “nursing” his baby I think maybe he was just snuggling baby…but he sure does love her! and I sure love him!

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May 10th, 2009

This is my treat. To enjoy a wonderful day taking pictures with family and actually post them on my blog the same day!

It was a beautiful day spent with Peter’s family…

 Aunt Mary hosted a Mother’s Day luncheon at Grandma Guy’s place. In the same room where we had Easter dinner with Grandma’s family and Mom’s family. The view of the convent from our luncheon room. Jerome playing with Rebekah Anna playing with Rebekah Ian putting his pacy in Rebekah’s toy? Mom brought some fish books for the boys to study before seeing the aquarium after lunch. visiting with Grandma Grandma, Donna, and Eden :-) Ian was saying “Bird” Thank you for the songs, Anna! Lovely treats! I love this series… She’s always so happy no matter what. Their servant hearts are beautiful. Happy Mother’s Day, Donna! Blessed Mother’s Day, Mary Happy Mother’s Day, Noel! So sweet :-) Mary’s friend John played the piano for us! listening Grandma listening they adore Anna He played his own compositions! Grandma enjoying our private concert. beautiful music! :-) amazing Bravo! I love this moment! Mary with Rebekah Grandma with Mary We walked over to the building where grandma lives to see the aquarium and this was going on as we walked in… and Zachary immediately went and sat in the first row until the show was over! The aquarium was wonderful! Ian tries to say fish “Sssshshshsh” The boys each found their favorite fish. This one was Ian’s favorite It seemed to be a rather responsive fish. (Maybe fish have personalities? ;-)) We also had the privilege of visiting Grandma’s room! That’s her portrait and her wedding party on the wall behind her that Mary so thoughtfully put up. This is where we left her, in the sitting room. We love you, Grandma. Happy Mother’s Day! Scott had the boys playing outside in the fountain! Mom with all her children… and grandchildren. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! And I thank God for giving me the awesome privilege and responsibility of mothering these three boys! Happy Mother’s Day!

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May 5th, 2009

It’s not the end of our first year homeschooling, and it’s not yet the beginning of our second, but I felt that we needed something more for our home education experience. We’ve been having a great time doing school at home, but things were falling through the cracks of busy days and life with three boys…and I knew that we could be enjoying it far more. We want to give the boys a feast of wonderful ideas and books and that just wasn’t happening on my own. I didn’t want to make a commitment to a curriculum until we got a taste of homeschooling and a feel for where we wanted to go with our family’s home education experience. Two weeks ago after much prayer and study I was ready to make that commitment and Peter was willing to make the investment, so we ordered Sonlight. It is a literature based program that I can tailor to meet our family’s needs. The package we purchased works for Seth’s kindergarten as well as for Jerome’s second grade. The day we received our boxes and unpacked them was a fun day, and every day since then has been a wonderfully interesting, fun, and relaxed school day! I am thrilled with where we are right now in our homeschooling journey, and I wanted to share some of our excitement with you.

 Yay! As we were unpacking our new books Jerome said “This looks like fun! Can we start our new school today?”! Even the boxes were fun! everybody enjoyed the boxes :-) I don’t even know all the different things that box has been, but fun it has been for sure!

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May 5th, 2009

Did you catch Peter’s comment on the last post?

The dog gets very, very excited about bubbles and she busted Ian’s nose trying to eat the bubbles AS he was blowing them. So he’s decided that he needs a safe place to blow bubbles.

 On top of the picnic table is just the spot! Ian can blow bubbles in safety where the dog can’t accidently get him. and the dog can still reach the bubbles! or under the table works on a hot day. :-)

Besides bubbles, Ian’s been enjoying ladybugs, which his older brothers are very good at catching and they let him hold them.

 He’s showing me the ladybug. Ian is fascinated by bugs! I love the wonder! He let it crawl all over him… but needed help finding it again. It was Seth’s ladybug.

Ian is putting two and three words together frequently every day: “Daddy car, go.”. Sometimes it’s a statement, most of the time it’s a question. He wants to hear “Yes, Daddy drove his car to work”, or “Yes, Daddy drove his car to school”. And if he’s up when Daddy comes home in his car, Ian LOVES to sit in Daddy’s car with him. 🙂

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April 21st, 2009

The month began with my flu like sickness and unfortunately everyone else in the house has taken turns since. Peter spent his Spring break taking care of me. He was so sweet staying late in the mornings to let me sleep since that was the hardest time of day for me. He would come home, cook dinner if I hadn’t been able to, feed the boys, clean up, bathe them, and put them to bed every night…before dropping into bed himself. Thank you, Peter, for your sweet service to your family.

Here are some of the random photos from our month so far:

 Letting me sleep in, Peter got the boys their breakfasts. And with the camera out, the funny faces came out too! little brother like big brother silly boys the house exploded every day while I was sick… a happy mess! “cheese!” no, I did not teach my children to say that for a camera. they must have picked it up somewhere…? I like the light on this one. He was trying to fix the paintbrush Ian’s eyes look so green here! popeye face reversed it’s fun to goof off for the camera ?? I think he had one leg in the air for this one running out of silly faces I asked him where his wonderful smile was :-) Jerome got in on the silliness but Ian just wanted to get the camera.  This is breakfast Jerome had prepared for us one early morning. a snapshot Peter caught of Uncle Harold with Jerome, Zachary, Seth, and Brennan…and Uncle David’s smile. There’s Uncle David! Easter Sunday after Richard’s recital. Easter Sunday after Richard’s recital. Tired boy…and he just wanted that camera! This one cracks me up! The bandaid was for an injury aquired the day before Easter, and the busted lip happened during Richard’s recital. Peter had all the boys outside to play so as not to disturb anything, and Seth fell down the outdoor stairs and the sidewalk took a bite out of his lip. An Easter gift from Misty. Peter caught these in the early sunshine. Morning sunflowers Seth called me to see this butterfly on the lantana Tiger Swallowtail butterfly maybe he was trying not to breath on it? He was very excited that it opened it’s winges and brushed his finger. Beautiful spring!

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