September 25th, 2009

Matt was the happiest I had ever seen him. He never stopped smiling on his wedding day and he couldn’t get enough of his stunning bride. He is a man in love! Sarah completes Matt. She matches his smiles with bigger ones. Everything she does is about them, the two of them. Their wedding day was centered around their union in Christ, and their family and friends surrounded them in that commitment. It was a beautiful day and I was honored to be a part of it!

 Daniel and Matthew Sienna the flower girl! curls, ribbons, and bows Getting ready to see his bride! First look! I love how he’s so focused on her :-) I love First Looks because now we had plenty of time for portraits! adoration I asked them to kiss because in order for me to get the whole window in the frame I had to crouch below them and it would not be flattering for them to look down at me. I suppose I could have said something funny to make them laugh, that would have been a great shot…but I’m not funny. This has become my signature shot. Everybody looks good from above, and it really opens the eyes! love, love, love Matt and Sarah got married at one of the original homesteads in Simi Valley so I wanted to use the house itself as a backdrop and prop. And I love porches! and kissing photos :-) I also love sun flare! this corrugated metal barn was a perfectly gritty contrast to these beautiful people A green door! She rocks it! doesn’t this photo feel like it was your mother’s? time for just a couple more photos before hiding the bride. in the garden a garden bench under a tree, and two people about to marry each other! I love weddings! hahaha! He’s a goofy guy. A handsome one, though. with his guys Brothers! Her daddy coming to see her before she became a married woman. This moment was so precious! Sarah with her girls this photo cracks me up! Sarah was talking to someone and started walking and forgot her maid of honor was attached to her and holding her dress off the ground! This little guy was not one to be photographed, so I snuck one while he played on the porch waiting for the ceremony. watching his bride come to marry him wedding march I’m posting the giving away shot because it’s so rare for me to be at such an angle to actually capture the exchange of the bride from father to groom. I love the hands! since they were married in a gazebo I had the opportunity to walk behind it to capture the sand ceremony. they noticed me and posed for a picture during their ceremony! So happy to be married! Sarah with her flowers rings I love candids, too! This was during the family pictures after the ceremony. Sienna and sun flare! my dear, darling friends goofy groomsmen delicious light! yummy cake detail of rings in a calle lily first dance :-) cake cutting! I like to get a close shot of the hands together cutting the cake. Kinda classic. and of course a cake cutting’s not complete without a kiss. Bubbles! and good-byes It was a true privilege to photograph your wedding, Matt and Sarah. May the lord bless your marriage!

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September 12th, 2009

This couple was referred to me by my first beach wedding couple Brandon and Ashley who were married at the very same beach, actually, and for the same reasons. They both wanted to do the right thing, the righteous thing, and get married before living together. Hallelujah! What a wonderful honor it was to be there and document their commitment before their family and before God. The wind started it as soon as I got out of the car. Tears ran down my face until I got back in the shelter of the car, but I added my own tears into the mix of the day and my heart lifted up in thanksgiving and joy with Mallory and Mark. May the Lord richly bless your marriage as you seek to honor Him together!

 The dunes were beautiful! The light that day made the colors so vivid! guys pinning guys the bride! I loved this angle for her with the light behind her but her dad really wanted the ocean behind her in one too. Mallory has a great smile! She’s coming! precious moment Mark’s first sight of his bride! a treasure given and received and bound. blessings :-) so they will remember their laughter I love how the wind caught her dress I love kisses, but his little girl’s expression makes the photo! Married! May the Lord uphold them in their JOY and bless their union in Christ. He sang blessings upon them. see the best man’s face? He didn’t lose the ring! :-) Congratulations, man! Beautiful couple beautiful flowers Hahaha! Now that’s a new ring shot for me toasts and blessings! generations. moments. love. a walk a dance a kiss Congratulations, Mark and Mallory!

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September 10th, 2009

God is good in all things and His thoughts above ours. Praise Him!

When my dear friend Laura fell terribly sick and couldn’t shoot this wedding with me (which came my way thanks to her) I was wondering what to do about a second shooter…but our great God already knew and had a perfect plan. Pete and Sarah were flying out to the LA area that very same weekend to shoot a wedding and spend time with us as well as celebrate their wedding anniversary and had Friday evening free, you got it, to help me out! Pete was happy to second shoot for me and he and Sarah even got to go out to dinner together during the ceremony. 🙂 Pete providentially had all his camera gear anyway (and a chance to set up this cool flash synchronized firing thing on the dance floor which made for some awesome reception shots) and graciously let us use his stuff. Pete and Sarah, thank you for all your help and it was really, really fun to work with you again!

Matt and Tiffany had a beautiful, God honoring wedding on the beach in Santa Barbara with their closest friends and relatives to help them celebrate and witness their union. They have a gallery on my website, but I get to post my favorites here _with comments_! So enjoy 🙂

 The first wedding I’ve photographed in Santa Barbara! The beautiful bridal gown bouquet Real orchids for her hair! I love this series of photos the palette, the smile, the girls watching the bride! ready for her dress :-) laced up… and laquered! :-) roses, flip-flops, lace, and Santa Barbara. I love it! Wasn’t she a stunning bride? and a fun one! Tiffany is great with children and has what I call a happy voice. Matt and Tiffany had a beautiful beach ceremony. sea star chairs One of my favorite shots of the day belongs to Peter, I love it! And there he is helping me out with a direct angle on things… while I wait for my aisle shot. :-) I love the colors! :-) the kiss! I love weddings :-) again, one of my favorite shots of the day Peter captured this right after the ceremony! Just after I snapped this photo I noticed another photographer… Grandpa :-) I love daughter/daddy photos these two made me smile candids are always fun, too especially for moments like these. waiting for the light to turn. waiting to cross the street. waiting together. Aren’t they adorable? sepia kisses The reception was in the Civic Arts Center right behind the beach where they were married! Tiffany set up a surprise for Matt :-) first dance Love, a light, and a moment. Laura’s photo of the rings on a tiny sand dollar the reception And a glorious evening! May the Lord bless you and your marriage, Matt and Tiffany! Thank you for the honor of photographing your wedding day!

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November 25th, 2008

As the sun rose high in the Santa Monica sky this fall Saturday, these two beautiful people committed their lives to each other with Christ as the center of their marriage and lives with friends and family as witness to their love. They incorporated several unique ideas and traditions into their day and it was truly a special and intimate day.

It was an honor to photograph your wedding, Adam and Savanahsiera! May the Lord bless your marriage!

And here’s a shout out to my wonderful friend and photographer Laura Milner of Moments Not Forgotten, who absolutely made my day and helped me so much shooting this wedding. She got some amazing photographs (I love her angle!) and you can check out her favorites from the day on her blog. Thank you again, Laura! I can’t wait to work with you again!

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September 18th, 2008

I just wanted to give a shout out to Laura Milner who was the awesome florist for the wedding last weekend and also the great second shooter for me! She is so talented and creative and loves the Lord with all her heart and I wanted to give her a post showing her in action!

Love you Laura!