September 13th, 2008

Standing on a hill at The Vineyards with the sounds of the waterfall in the background, just after the red sun dipped behind the low hanging clouds Friday evening, Marcy and Jonny pledged their faithfulness and undying love to each other. Earlier in the afternoon they shared a private “first look” in the bride’s parent’s back yard which made the whole day run so smoothly and gave us some beautiful pictures to run on the slideshow at the reception. (Big thank you to Peter for setting that up!)

Marcy and Jonny, thank you for the honor of shooting your wedding and making me a part of your amazingly beautiful wedding day!

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August 5th, 2008

You guys have been so patient to see these! I would have been finished editing your pictures by now, and almost was last week, when I discovered that my PhotoShop settings had been changed and I’ve had to start again from the beginning. I’m learning as I go, obviously, and I thank you for the opportunity to work for such wonderful people as yourselves!

I’m more than half way done again, so your category will be up soon on my website, but since you’ve waited this long I want you to see some of my favorites from your day:

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